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Enjoy other benefits:

  1. Competitive online time deposit and interest rate via SOL
  2. Discounted exchange rate for foreign currency transfer
  3. Complete features for domestic and international transfer, bill payment, purchase, OVO and GOPAY top up
  4. Free and cute debit card design
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Interest rate detail:

Example of the calculation of SOL Saving interest rate:


How to Open Account Online?

Now Open account is easier and can be done anytime and anywhere


Steps to do online account opening for New Customer:

  1. Download SOL Indonesia App in App Store or Play Store using smartphone
  2. Choose “Open Now” button
  3. Enter email address, mobile phone number, and reference code (if exist)
  4. Upload photos of e-KTP, NPWP (if exist) and signature
  5. Enter financial and occupation information
  6. Do video call with Bank Shinhan Indonesia’s Agent
  7. Account opening process has completed and SMS will be sent after account is created successfully
  8. Access SOL App, choose “Open Now” button and create your User ID
  9. Login to SOL App, choose “Debit Card Management -> Issuing Debit Card” menu to request preferred address for debit card delivery


Conditions for online account opening for New Customer:

  1. Have e-KTP
  2. Have active email address and mobile phone number
  3. Do not have Bank Shinhan Indonesia’s account previously
  4. Only for individual customer
  5. For security reason, all online account opening data in App will be deleted at the end of the day

Steps to do online account opening for Existing Customer:

1. Log in to the SOL application on your smartphone.

2. Select the “Main Menu” button (burger button) on the upper right corner of the SOL application.

3. Select Product Menu.

4. Select the Savings Account Menu.

5. Choose a source of funds account.

6. Fill in all requested account opening data.

7. Fill in the 6 digit M-OTP PIN (MPIN).

8. The Tabungan SOL Account has been successfully opened.


Conditions for online account opening for Existing Customer:

  1. Individual Customers of Shinhan Bank
  2. Already have a SOL User ID
  3. Don't have Tabungan SOL yet

Easiest Way to Get Bank Shinhan Indonesia Debit Card

Debit Card can be delivered to your preferred address with the following steps:

1. Login to SOL App
2. Choose “Debit Card Management -> Issuing Debit Card“ menu
3. Choose registered address in Bank or insert other delivery address or choose Bank Shinhan Indonesia Branch
4. Delivery will be processed at maximum of 14 working days
5. After receiving the Debit Card, login to SOL App and choose “Debit Card Management -> Activate Debit Card”
    menu to activate and create PIN for the Debit Card
6. Debit Card has already been activated and can be used with offered benefits


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum number of Tabungan SOL accounts a customer can open?
    Customers can only open 1 (one) Tabungan SOL account per person.
  2. Can I open a Tabungan SOL Account through a Shinhan Bank Branch?
    No, customers can only open Tabungan SOL through the SOL Indonesia Application.
  3. What are the benefits/advantages of Tabungan SOL?
    The benefits/benefits that will be obtained by the Customer are as follows:
    1.    Online, fast and easy account opening,
    2.    Account opening can be done anytime and anywhere.
    3.    No monthly admin fee and no initial deposit.
    4.    Competitive interest rates.
    5.    Savings that are safe and guaranteed by LPS.
  4. Does Tabungan SOL get a savings passbook and debit card?
    Customers who open Tabungan SOL do not get a savings passbook, but customers can apply to get a Debit Card from the SOL Indonesia application, on the Debit Card Management menu.
  5. Can I use the Tabungan SOL Debit Card at another bank's ATM & EDC?
    Customers can use the Shinhan Bank Debit Card at all ATMs and EDCs in Indonesia that are part of the National Payment Gateway (GPN) network.
  6. Can Tabungan SOL only be used for transactions on SOL Mobile Banking?
    Tabungan SOL can be used for transactions through the SOL Indonesia Application and Internet Banking for all types of transactions.
    In addition, Tabungan SOL can be used for transactions on:
    a.    Teller/Branch for Cash Deposit and Cash Withdrawal transactions
    b.    ATM and EDC machines (if the customer applies for a Debit Card for Tabungan SOL).
  7. How much initial deposit a customer must prepare to open the Tabungan SOL?
    The initial deposit for Tabungan SOL is zero rupiah.
  8. How much Tabungan SOL mínimum balance?
    The minimum balance for Tabungan SOL is zero rupiah.
  9. After I open Tabungan SOL, where can I see my account number?
    Customers can see the Tabungan SOL account number in the My Account Menu.
  10. What costs are incurred in Tabungan SOL?
    Tabungan SOL is not subject to a monthly administration fee, only subject to transaction fees in accordance with applicable regulations.
  11. I already had Tabungan SOL before, but it's been more than 6 months since I made a transaction with that account. Can I open a new Tabungan SOL Account?
    If the Customer does not make a transaction for more than 6 months, the Tabungan SOL will become dormant. Customer can activate their account via the My Account menu, but cannot open a new Tabungan SOL Account.
  12. How do customers view the transaction history and account statement of Tabungan SOL?
    Customers can view transaction history and account statement via the Inquiry/Manage menu.
  13. Can Tabungan SOL be used for foreign exchange transactions?
    Customers can make foreign exchange transactions on the Foreign Exchange Menu, both transactions within Shinhan Bank accounts, as well as transactions with other banks.
  14. When making transactions from Tabungan SOL, what should I do?
    The customer selects the menu for the transaction, enters the requested data and the 6 digit M-OTP PIN (MPIN) for the transaction.
  15. If I want to change No. Cellphone or Email data, do I have to do data change at the Branch Office?
    The customer can change the data at the Shinhan Bank Branch Office, or through the Indonesian SOL Application on the Settings Menu – Change Customer Information.
  16. If I experience problems during a transaction, what is of Shinhan Bank call centers number?
    Customers can contact the Shinhan Bank Call Center 1500-881.
  17. Can debit cards be sent to all regions of Indonesia?
    Debit card deliveries can be made to all regions of Indonesia.
  18. How long does it take to send a Debit Card?
    The delivery process takes a maximum of 14 working days, provided the delivery address is complete, valid and there is someone who accepts Debit Cards at the delivery address.
  19. Can I make transactions without getting a Debit Card first?
    You can immediately make transactions through the SOL Indonesia application after you have registered/registered a User ID.
  20. What is the SOL Indonesia application minimum requirement for Android and iOS platform?
    SOL Indonesia application can be accessed with minimum Android version 8.0 And iOS version 10.0
  21. Can foreign citizens/foreigners who are not yet Shinhan Bank customers open an account online?
    Sorry, prospective customers who can open an account online are only Indonesian citizens who have an e-KTP.
  22. What should be prepared to do online account opening for new customers?
    Before starting online account opening process, it’s better for applicant to prepare the following items:
    a. e-KTP
    b. NPWP (optional)
    c. Beneficial Owner’s KTP (if needed)
    d. Beneficial Owner’s NPWP (if needed)
    e. Beneficial Owner’s Family Card (if needed)
  23. Who will require to provide the Beneficial Owner information regarding opening an account for new customers?
    Applicant who does not have income, such as student and housewife, will be required to provide Beneficial Owner information (such as parent or spouse information).
  24. What is the allowed maximum file size for signature photo upload?
    The maximum file size for signature photo is 1 MB.
  25. Is there any cut off time for online account opening process?
    For new customers, the video call process can only be made from 08:00 – 17:00 WIB on weekdays. For existing customers, account opening can be done 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


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