Transaction Security Tips

Internet services make it simple to do business, but this also leads to a number of online crimes that anybody may encounter and suffer damages from. Customers of Bank Shinhan Indonesia are urged to exercise greater caution while transacting using Internet Banking. These are some guidelines for reducing potential internet crimes.


Phishing Alert


Phishing is a practice that seeks to trick individuals into willingly giving over personal information about themselves, like their User ID or PIN, without realizing it. This information will then be utilized for illegal activities in the following ways:

"Create a fake website that has a URL domain address with an appearance similar to the Bank's official website."

"Sending emails or chatting which informs the URL Link and asking customers to log in using User ID and PIN on unofficial websites."


Tips :

"Make sure you access Bank Shinhan Internet Banking via the official website address of Bank Shinhan at and click Internet Banking or go directly to the Bank Shinhan Internet Banking login page at"

"Avoid accessing web pages by clicking URL addresses/Links that direct you to open fake web pages."

"Pay attention to every URL / link that is accessed in the browser."


If you feel that the web page you are visiting is different from the Bank's official web page, immediately stop the transaction and immediately contact Bank Shinhan Call at 1500881.


Malware Alert


Malware (malicious software): is malicious software that is intentionally created to cause damage to computers, systems, networks, and even steal data.

A virus is a computer program that can reproduce itself by inserting itself into other programs or documents. Computer viruses can damage systems, applications, and data stored on computers.

Spyware is a computer program that can spy on every user's activity with the aim of stealing confidential data such as User IDs and passwords.

Trojan is a computer software program created with the aim of taking data on an infected computer and sending it to the trojan creator himself.

Backdoor is a program that is almost the same as a Trojan, but Backdoor can resemble a file just fine. For example games.


Tips :

"Make sure the computer you are using is clean from malware, viruses/backdoors, trojans/spyware. Scan with Antivirus software regularly."

"Avoid accessing or downloading files/programs on unknown/unsafe web pages."

"Make sure the firewall on your operating system is active."



ATM Transactions


For your convenience and security in making transactions at Bank Shinhan ATM, the following points can be considered:

"Change your ATM PIN periodically."

"Do not accept those who offer help in the ATM room."

"Don't lend your ATM card and tell your PIN to other people."

"Shinhan Bank officers never ask for a PIN from a customer."

"Avoid recording your PIN anywhere, for example; on your debit card and wallet."

"Close the pinpad button with your hand when you enter your PIN into the ATM."



Mobile Banking Transactions


For your convenience and security in making transactions at Bank Shinhan Mobile Banking, the following points can be considered :

"Download Shinhan Bank Indonesia Mobile Banking Application (SOL Indonesia) only through the official website of Playstore (Android) and Appstore (IOS)."

"Keep your User-ID, Password, M-PIN and SMS OTP confidential."

"Avoid using personal data for Password and M-PINs."

"Change your Password and M-PIN periodically."

"Avoid clicking links that unfamiliar senders may send via email, text message, or other similar platforms."

"Avoid using public WIFI when accessing SOL Indonesia."

"Pay attention to SMS or email notifications Bank Shinhan Indonesia sends you regarding activities and data changes. Please call the Bank Shinhan Indonesia Call Center at 1-500-881 right away if the transaction is unclear or if there are any other issues."


If you have any questions, please contact Shinhan Call Bank at 1500881.