Overseas Remittance

A service of remittance on the request of corporate customer from one country to another country utilizing Shinhan global network or Shinhan Bank’s overseas correspondents. It consists of overseas inward remittance and overseas outward remittance.


  • Receive/send inward/outward remittance to any country fastly and securely with high accuracy, especially to South Korea, through Shinhan global network
  • Competitive remittance fee
  • Preferential fee for Indonesian in overseas outward remittance
  • Confidentiality of sender and beneficiary’s customer information


  • Outward Remittance : Application form and other supporting documents (if any)
  • Inward Remittance : Customer provides the following information to transferor:
  • Beneficiary : Your registered company name
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number : Your company account number
  • Beneficiary Bank : Shinhan Bank Indonesia
  • Swift Code : SHBKIDJA

Sanctioned and High Risk Countries for Overseas Remittance

Foreign currency transfer to other bank is subject to the provisions of the Bank, regulators and Applicable laws and regulations including but not limited to provisions related to Enhanced Due Diligence.

Any transaction with direct and indirect connection with sanctioned countries, transaction will be canceled / terminated by Bank, in compliance with Bank policies and Authorities regulations and the transaction will be customer’s sole responsibility.

Any transaction with direct or indirect connection with high risk countries are subject to Enhanced Due Diligence. Bank has the right to terminate or cancel a transaction if the customer does not comply with the applicable regulations in connection with the transaction carried out by the customer.

*Bank may change the country list above at any time in accordance with the applicable policies and regulation.

Application Form

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