Time Deposit Oncall


  • Tenor is relatively short, less than 30 days
  • Competitive and attractive interest rate
  • For further information related to interest rate, please contact us at 1500 881


  • Fill out the account opening form
  • Complete required documents which are still valid
  • Individual:
    • Indonesian Citizen: KTP and NPWP
    • Foreigner: Paspor, KITAS/KITAP and NPWP
  • Corporate:
    • Indonesian Citizen: KTP, NPWP, Akta Pendirian Usaha, SIUP and TDP
    • Foreigner: Paspor, KITAS/KITAP pengurus, Akta Pendirian Usaha, SIUP and TDP


  • Minimum deposit is above IDR 1 billion
  • No Automatic Roll Over (ARO)
  • Only IDR