Corporate Social Responsibility

Shinhan Bank, "bank with society and the community" is successfully implementing and sharing a financial know-how, innovative products and differentiated customer service by solving the difficulties of overseas Korean enterprises not only supporting local businesses and people and neglecting emerging markets that have been isolated from the developed finance as well as practicing a "Compassionate Finance" to contribute for the development of the local economy and society. 

It is deploying stable overseas CSR activities to fulfill its social responsibilities to meet contemporary needs such as supporting in a school project in Vietnam, medical support in Uzbekistan and community development program in Cambodia supporting local human resources providing the graduate scholarships for foreign students in Korea and also supporting domestically and internationally for the independence and coexistence contributing to the global development community.


Facility Service

Support for the social vulnerable groups : Nursing homes, orphanages, visiting facilities such as defoliant victim, goods and entertaining activities and donations, cleaning National Cemetery nearby.

Environmental Services

"Greenday" Cleaning nearby former Vietnam war cemetary and shops monthly.


Vocational training center center and operation : Korean, Finanacial accounting training will be conducted from 2016.

Medical Services

Carried out in cooperation with other agencies such as the Vietnamese Red Cross.

CSR Activities

Shinhan Bank Indonesia,

"Together with Society and the ommunity"

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