Current Account: Giro (IDR, USD)

You can transact for personal and business purpose with our Current Account providing with wide range of advantages and facilities.


  • No registration fee/account opening fee. Account opening process is fast and simple.
  • No bank statement issuing fee.
  • Competitive and progressive interest rate. Monthly interest is paid directly to your account.
  • Enjoy various ATM facilities and Internet Banking facilities. With those facilities, you can enjoy transactions any time and any where.
  • Enjoy autodebit/autotransfer facility. You can pay your monthly bill easily.
  • Use Cheque and Bilyet Giro to make your transactions easier.
Document Type Permanent Employee Profesional Entrepreneur
Copy KTP (Suami dan Istri)
Copy Akta Nikah (apabila telah menikah)    


  • Fill out account opening form
  • Complete all required documents which are still valid
  • Individual:
    • Indonesian Citizen: KTP and NPWP
    • Foreigner: Passport, KITAS/KITAP and NPWP
  • Corporate:
    • Indonesian Citizen: KTP, NPWP, Akta Pendirian Usaha, SIUP and TDP
    • Foreigner: Passport, KITAS/KITAP, NPWP management, Akta Pendiran Usaha, SIUP, TDP


  • Initial deposit/minimum balance:
    • Individual: IDR 500,000
    • Corporate: IDR 1,000,000

Application Form

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